For the last few years Jacob Slevin, CEO of Designer Pages, and Paul Petrunia, Founder/Director of Archinect, have put aside their busy schedules to recharge on the ski slopes of the American West. It’s been an opportunity to share business knowledge, plan new ventures, and, most importantly, ski! This year they’ve decided to turn this into an official retreat with fellow architects, designers, and friends. For more information, read our FAQ or get in touch.


Snowbird & Alta Mountains (?)

Group Activities

We will be coordinating a few group activities, but deliberately want to keep the schedule lite so that everyone can have fun on the mountain and play things by ear. Let us know if you or your company would like to sponsor one of these events.

FEB 27
5:30 pm
Location TBD
Meet & Greet over Cocktails, Compliments of Archinect and Designer Pages
FEB 28
7:30 pm
Location TBD
Price-Fixed Group Dinner (Cost TBD)
FEB 29
7:30 pm
Location TBD
Good Byes over Beer & Pizza, Compliments of Archinect and Designer Pages


We've blocked a limited number of rooms @ The Cliff Lodge at discounted rates. Please contact us to confirm attendance to receive the booking code. (?)

2x Queens
Deluxe King Room
Spa King Room (9th F.)
2x Queens: _________________________________$329
Deluxe King Room or
Spa King Room (9th Floor) __________________$429
Pricing represents a 35% - 40% discount off rack rate and is exclusive of tax.
Pricing represents a 35% - 40% discount off rack rate and is exclusive of tax.
There are also many AirBnB options within a 15-20 minutes drive.
Click here to learn more about options for your accommodations.
Questions? Contact us!
Please feel free to drop us a line and either Jake or Paul will get back to you as soon as they can.
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